AGN Scholarships

We are passionate about helping international students actualize their dreams of studying their desired courses in good universities at affordable costs around the world through our scholarship programs

The Client

AGN is a global network of experienced professionals, academics and experts assembled to provide world-class professional consultancy services to international students, in addition to helping students secure admission to any university of choice abroad we also help secure scholarships for students, making the cost of studying in most of our universities very affordable.

The Goal

The Goal was to bring online AGN’s core services offerings which are – helping students find affordable Medical, Engineering, Management, Law, Marine and Aviation universities abroad at cost as moderate as some universities in their home country. We provide you with a list of Medical, Engineering, Management, Law, Marine and Aviation Universities in Canada, Cyprus, Australia, United States, UAE, Philippines, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Ukraine, and several other countries in Europe to choose from and help you in making the most suitable choice.

What We Achieved:

The Result

We designed a simple website that showcases AGN’s services, allowing students from all of Nigeria get access to consulting that can change their lives.

A simple mobile-friendly interface that provides the necessary information needed to get started, with accessing the numerous opportuinties AGN has to offer.

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