AirtimePay – Airtime Payment Made Easy

AirtimePay is an airtime-based micropayments solution, designed to support digital merchants to make different kinds of small and regular payments using the most accessible medium available.

The Client

AirtimePay strives to provide micropayment solutions to both digital and offline merchants, that enable them expand their reach and break through barriers in payment processing for clients who have difficulty paying with credit and debit cards. Enabling them reach an audience that can pay with the most accessible medium available to everyone – Airtime.

The Goal

Digital merchants in Nigeria have long experienced the problem of receiving payments online in Nigeria, that was until Paystack stepped in to take care of that. However the micropayment industry is still largely unaccounted for.

The Goal was to provide a platform that could enable seamless payment using Airtime as opposed to traditional credit/ debit cards, thereby making it accessible to almost everyone, plus enabling the purchase of airtime from the platform at a whopping 10% Discount Everyday.

What We Achieved:

The Result

We were able to work with AirtimePay to deliver all their requirements and more, a seamless airtime purchase system, payment integration API that can be setup in minutes, fast and secure airtime payment experience all around, and a well documented developer page.

We are still working with AP to continually improve the platform powered by user feedbacck and product road map.

Feedback From Client

SilvaCreate did a very nice job, understanding what we wanted to achieve, helping us clear up our idea of the solution.
The communication and service delivey is top notch and can be seen evidently by the quality of product they implemented for us.
I commend their effort in over delivering and continued assistance/ support as we continue to grow.


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